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Projects - Home Additions

Nguyen 2nd Story Addition - Lakewood, California:  This addition added between the main residence and detached garage consist of a 400 square foot first floor that includes a kitchen relocation to enlarge the existing family room.  A master bedroom is added to the 400 square foot second floor in addition to a large walk-in closet and a master bathroom that includes a shower and a free standing tub.   The project also includes a large outdoor deck attached to the rear of the house.

Jeuck – Glendora, California:   A 1,500 square foot 2nd story addition to an existing single story residence.   The addition included a master bedroom, master bathroom and a patio deck overlooking the newly landscaped back yard.


                                                                 Jeuck After Addition

Kelley – Ontario, California:   A 360 square foot single story addition consisting of a master bedroom and a master bathroom.   This is a second addition to a previously added 580 square foot addition by Ed Stavneak Architecture.

Stevens – Ontario:   A 750 square foot single story home addition that includes a family room, new bedroom and bathroom.  This project used new glass throughout and therefore required an approved Title 24 Energy Report be completed before construction could begin.

Lancefield – Los Angeles:  A 500 square foot recreation room with a bathroom attached to an existing detached 2 car garage.

Carter – Alta Loma:  A 675 square foot 2 story patio deck located at the rear of the house and raised 5’-0” above grade to obtain the best possible views.  This project also included a hot tub platform which was flush with the patio deck. 

Lane - Pomona:  A 630 square foot stacked first & second story addition.   The project included a rear 2nd story patio deck with access to the pool via a new spiral stairway.

Smith – Temple City:  A second story addition to an existing single story house that includes a master bedroom and master bathroom adding another 480 square feet to the existing house.

Charles – La Verne:  A family room addition including a fireplace adding another 416 square feet to an existing single story home.

Alfino – Temple City:  A 320 square foot workshop including a bathroom that is attached to an existing detached 2 car garage.